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Savoring Spring

Positive Parenting by Dr. Karen Reivich


“Mom, look! It’s a crocus!” My kids know how much I love crocuses, and Shayna was the first to spot one this year. As we waited for the school bus, we took a moment to marvel at the beauty of the purple flower pushing its way through the still, cold ground. When we looked closely, we could see the tops of three others just barely peeking through the soil. Shayna looked up at me and said, “It’s official. Spring is coming!”


Seeing the first crocuses of the season brings me joy. Spring is a time of renewal and growth, and its beauty is astounding. I find that the crocus reminds me to slow down and savor the beauty around me.


Savoring is an important part of happiness. It helps you take a fleeting positive emotion and make it linger for a while. By slowing down and focusing on the positive—like the first crocus—you can transform an “Oh, how nice” moment into a “Wow, how beautiful” moment. Basking in these happy moments helps counteract daily stress.  


Think about the questions below to help you savor spring:


1. What are the signs of spring that you notice first? How do you feel when you notice them?

2. What are the scents of spring? What memories do they trigger for you?

3. What is one thing you can do to help you and your family savor spring more fully this year?


You and your children can savor spring—and relish the positive emotions savoring brings—by playing the “I Spy Spring” game. Make a list with your child of all the signs (sights, scents, experiences) of spring (shoot for at least 10). Devote a few minutes a day to actively working to spot the things on your list and really appreciate them.


Here are some examples to get your “I Spy Spring” list started:

  • Crocuses in bloom
  • Robins checking for worms in the yard
  • Birds arrayed in a V migrating north
  • Leaves budding on the trees  
  • Taking walks through the neighborhood
  • Having a picnic



Karen Reivich, Ph.D.