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Wacked Out Baseball

How do you play?


This game is played with 2 teams on a field. It is similar to baseball, but there is no pitching or hitting - just base running. The other team fields the ball and tries to get the batter out by tagging him or her, or catching a fly ball. At the start of each turn, the batter throws the ball anywhere on the field and then must: (1) laugh all the way to 1st base; (2) skip all the way to 2nd base; (3) run backwards to 3rd base; (4) scream all the way home and then dance (the dance must be good!). After 6 innings, the team with the most runs wins.


Remember, when you’re out there playing—have fun, but keep it safe!



1 baseball, 4 bases or cardboard boxes


Number of players:



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