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Four Square


How do you play?

Each player stands in 1 of 4 connected squares. The person in the “1” square holds the ball and makes up a rule (e.g., you can catch the ball and throw it). He or she then bounces the ball once and hits it into one of the other 3 squares. After the ball bounces once in the square where it lands, the player in that square must hit, slap or punch the ball into another square. Players continue hitting it back and forth until someone misses the ball, it bounces twice, or it goes out of bounds (outside the 4 squares). The player who missed the ball then goes to the “4” square (or the back of the line if others are waiting to play) and the others all move up one square. For as long as the same person is in the “1” square, the rules do not change. But as soon as that player misses the ball, everyone else moves up and the player who is now in the “1” square gets to make up a new rule. Here are a few ideas you can use:


  • Catching: you can catch the ball and throw it
  • Tiny Tim: you can tap the ball so that it barely bounces at all, making it very hard for another player to hit it.
  • Slams: you can hit the ball very hard into another square so it bounces over the player’s head and they cannot hit it.
  • Corners: you can hit the ball into the corner of the square so it bounces out before the other player can hit it.


Remember, when you’re out there playing—have fun, but keep it safe!



Big bouncy ball


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