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I Spot Goldfish


Subject: Kids Games


A twist on the classic game of hide-and-seek using a Goldfish® cracker (or other small item) instead of people and can be played inside or out.

Choose one person to be the “hider” while others cover their eyes or leave the room (Set boundaries to keep the search area contained—only in the living room, only in the backyard, etc.).


The hider places the Goldfish® cracker someplace in the open, on top of a lamp, in the plant, on top of the bird feeder, etc. When they’re ready they call out to the others “I spot...Goldfish.”

The other players start the search for the cracker with the goal of being the first to see the hidden item and call out “I spot...Goldfish” and point to the item.


The hider can let people know if someone is close by saying “hot” or “cold” as the others are searching.


The player who “spots” the hidden item first, then becomes the hider and the game continues until everyone has had a chance to both hide and seek.


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