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Free Wheelin’ Obstacle Course


Subject: Kids Games


Whatever happened to riding bikes around the driveway for hours on end? Make your favorite childhood activity theirs by setting up an obstacle course.


Use small items like sneakers, lawn chairs, recycling bins or anything else you have on hand to set up an obstacle course for kids to navigate on bikes, scooters, skateboards or rollerblades.

As their skill levels increase, make the course a little more challenging by moving things closer together or letting the kids set it up themselves. Just make sure to check it for safety before turning them loose.


Turn it into a relay race by starting one child, or group of children, at one end of the course and the other, or others, at the opposite end. Use an empty paper towel tube as a baton and have kids go through the course and hand off the baton to the next person. Great for groups of children from the neighborhood, or group play dates.


Safety Note: Make sure everyone is wearing his or her safety gear, and that you’ve checked the course for safety! 


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