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Backyard Bowling


Subject: Kids Games


Who needs a bowling alley when you have a yard? Gather up 10 2-liter bottles and a medium-sized playground ball and set up your own bowling alley right in the backyard!


Just add an inch of water to each bottle and set them up in a triangle—one bottle in the first row, two bottles in the second row, three bottles in the third row and four bottles in the back row. Leave a little bit of space between each of the bottles (about a finger-width).


Then, count off twenty paces and take turns rolling the ball at the pins. Keep track of how many pins you knock down on each roll. Each child will get two tries to knock down the pins down before it’s the next person’s turn.


As the children’s scores improve, have them take a couple of steps back to make it a little more difficult.


Add a fun twist by playing Blindfolded Backyard Bowling! Use a bandana to make a blindfold and try to hit the pins while wearing the blindfold. The child with the highest score after ten turns wins! 


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