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Blind FINN Bluff


Subject: Kids Games


Push the furniture out of the way and get ready for a game of indoor tag, without the running. You’ll need a large, spacious area with little or no obstacles and a blindfold.


Choose one person to be “FINN” and cover his eyes with a blindfold (a bandana or dish towel will work well). Then, gently spin FINN three times in a circle and release him.


FINN will put his hands out and try to tag the other players and guess who he or she has tagged.


If FINN guesses correctly, the person caught becomes FINN and the game starts over again.


Other players can try to “bluff” FINN by gently tapping or calling out to get him to move in the wrong direction.


Safety Note: Make sure that all furniture and items that could be tripped over are moved out of the playing area. 


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