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Four Types of Savoring


Savoring is the process of deeply enjoying a positive experience; the taste of a favorite food, a job well done, floating in a pool, a favorite memory. Teaching our children to appreciate experiences like this is important because it builds positive emotions like happiness, gratitude, and awe. The research of Dr. Fred Bryant describes four kinds of savoring and, as moms, we can use each of them to help our children slow down, notice and experience the joy of life’s everyday, positive moments. Below is a description of the four types of savoring and examples of everyday ways to practice each type. Each type of savoring builds a different positive emotion, so practice them all with your child. Set a goal to use each type at least once in the next week. Then, keep track of all the different things you and your child savor and fill them in the chart so that you have a growing reminder of all of the good things you have enjoyed together!


Savoring Chart

Basking: Enjoying praise and congratulations (builds pride)

Thanksgiving: Experiencing and expressing gratitude (builds gratitude)

Marveling: Fully enjoying the wonder of an experience (builds awe)

Luxuriating: Engaging the senses fully (builds pleasure)

Sit down together and look over a school project on which your child did well. Ask your child questions like, "What was your favorite part of doing the project?" and "How did you feel when you saw your teacher’s comments?"

See how many times you can "catch" each other doing something kind. Write a few words of thanks on a sticky note and post it somewhere for the other person to find it.

Look through a picture book of someplace like the Grand Canyon, outer space, or another awe-inspiring site and talk about what you see.

Eat a favorite food very slowly and notice as many flavors, textures, and smells as you can.

Spend time doing something in which your child excels and then call a grandparent or aunt/uncle and tell them about the experience.

Draw a "thank you" picture for a family member or friend that shows something you feel grateful for about that person. Give or mail it to them as a special surprise.

Take a walk and count how many different types of birds you see.

Put on a favorite piece of music or song and turn the volume up. Turn off the lights, close your eyes, lay on your back, and notice how the music feels.

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