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The Can Do Challenge (All)


Subject: Kids Games

You can facilitate your child's independence and create Mastery Moments by asking yourself these questions:

  • What is one thing that I do for my child out of habit, rather than necessity?

o   Examples: organizing his backpack, getting her snack from the refrigerator)

  • What is an area of strength for my child? How can I create a Mastery Moment that builds on that strength?

o   Example: Ask your creative child to design a Thank You card that you can photocopy and use instead of buying cards at the store

  • How can I build into the daily choices my child makes, opportunities for him to make decisions?

o   Examples: What to wear, what to eat, when to do homework, which chores to do

  • What can I say that helps build my child's awareness of her own independence?

o   Examples: "You and your brother worked out that problem on your own," or "I see how much you're enjoying setting up your room just the way you want it."

Creating space for a child's exploration of independence can be challenging, but the opportunities for the growth and confidence it provides are worth celebrating!


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