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A Leap in the Right Direction (3-5, 6+)


Subject: Discovery

Encourage your children to identify one appropriate risk that they would like to take. Work with them to find a challenge that they would like to take on that will help stretch and strengthen their view of themselves.

Use these questions as a way to talk to your children about risk and resilience:

  • What is one thing you've wanted to do but have been too scared to try?
  • What are the risks?
  • Which of your strengths can help you accomplish this?
  • What can you say to yourself if you start to feel nervous?
  • How can I help you take this reasonable risk?

Once they identify and plan to tackle their risk, talk with your children about how they might feel if the risk doesn't turn out as hoped. Inquire about what they think they'll learn from their willingness to try and ask how they might deal with not succeeding.


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