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Silver Lining Game (K-2, 3-5, 6+)


Subject: Discovery

The goal of this activity is to help children find positive meaning in a negative event. Take a situation such as your daughter's soccer team losing a game. She is upset and is having a hard time moving on. Write the following phrases on note cards and ask her to pick a card out of a hat. Read the card with her and work together to answer the question. Change phrases to fit any situation. (Note: it is important that your child doesn't feel like you are trying to talk her out of feeling badly, so don't do this when your child is very upset.)

  • I don't like that we lost the game. We did some things well, though. One thing that the team did well was ___________.
  • I wish all our shots had scored. One great shot was ___________.
  • I wish I didn't mess up at all. I did do this really well in the game: ___________.
  • One thing our team didn't do well today that we can work on is ____________.

Or, download the attached worksheet and help your child fill out each cloud with a negative event or situation and its corresponding silver lining.

Download Worksheet


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