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In Your Shoes (K-2, 3-5, 6+)


Subject: Kids Games

The purpose of this game is to help children develop the ability to see a situation from another person's perspective. This game works best when more than one child plays, but you can do it with one child and parent. Put several pairs of shoes in the center of the room. On index cards write common, age-appropriate interpersonal conflicts (e.g. your best friend said she would come over after school but at the last minute she decided to go to another friend's house. Or, you tell your friend a secret and you find out later that he told another friend without your permission.) You will need one pair for each person in the scenario. Take turns choosing an index card. Ask your child to first step into his/her own pair of shoes and describe:

  • What he would be feeling in that situation
  • What he would be thinking in that situation
  • What he would do in that situation
  • What he thinks lead to the other person's behavior or decision

After your child has stood in his own shoes, ask him to stand in another pair - that represents the other person (or people) in the situation. Now, go through the same questions again. If your child is having difficulty thinking about the situation from the other person's perspective, you can prompt him or her by asking questions like:

  • What else might he be feeling?
  • Can you think of another reason she might have done that?
  • What do you think might have been going through his head when he decided to do that?

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