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Slicing the Pie (3-5)


Subject: Kids Games

The goal of this activity is to help children identify several possible causes of a problem. This helps build problem solving skills. Draw a pie on a piece of paper – or use the attached worksheet to guide you. Under the pie write a brief description of the problem (e.g. "I got 5 wrong on my math test."). Next to the pie, work with your child to make a list of all the reasons he got 5 wrong. Don't censor. Record exactly what your child says (e.g. The test was unfair. I'm stupid. I'm bad at math). After your child has listed all his reasons, work with him to come up with a few that he might not have considered (e.g. I spent extra time studying for Social Studies and didn't study as much for Math. I rushed through the practice problems.) Now, ask your child to put a star next to the ones that are most true. Then, ask your child to slice the pie, so that each section represents one of the causes of the problem and the size of the section represents how much it contributed to the problem.

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