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Positive Habits (Ages 3-5, 6+)


Subject: Discovery

Look for opportunities to discuss positive change with your child. Any "downtime" you have with the kids—driving in the car, taking a walk to the park or even waiting in a doctor's office—can be the perfect time.

Try using the following questions as a springboard for a family conversation about positive change:

  • What are some things that you can do today that you weren't able to do one year ago?
  • How does it feel to do those things?
  • What are some things you'll likely be able to do a year from now that you can't yet do?
  • What is a positive habit that you'd like to begin (such as getting more exercise, making more time for a hobby, spending more time as a family)?
  • What are three things that we can do together to help develop this positive habit?

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