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Bag it Up (Ages 3-5, 6+)


Subject: Kids Games

You can help your child to take stock of the "mental clutter." Start by sharing an example of a negative perception that you want to get rid of. Write the perception on a slip of paper and then put it into a bag labeled "throw aways" and then toss it in the garbage. After you've given your example, ask your child to come up with examples of his or her own. These questions will help:

  • Is there something that you used to think about yourself that no longer seems to fit? Examples: "I'm not smart enough" or "I can't do that." Can you give examples of how that old perception no longer fits?
  • Can you think of a negative thought you have that gets in your way or makes you feel down about yourself? Examples: "Nobody likes me" or "I stink at sports."
  • What is one thing you are doing now that you weren't able to do last year?

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