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Creating Your "Enough List" (Ages 3-5, 6+)


Subject: Reflection

While striving towards self-improvement is an important aspect of growing as a person, it's also necessary to take stock of what you already have. The "enough" list shouldn't replace your "er" list of personal improvements (like getting better at the piano, eating healthier meals or keeping the bedroom neater). Instead, it will help you to stay grateful for what is already good, while you are working on improving other aspects of your life.

To start, ask each person in your family to name one thing about him or herself or the family that doesn't need to change, that they have enough of and are content with.

Here's a sample family's Enough List:

  • I have enough friends
  • I work hard enough
  • We spend enough time together
  • I am good enough at football
  • I am happy with my cooking
  • We joke around enough

Rest assured; a focus on "enough" will not eliminate the desire for "er". There's little risk of that! But awareness of what is enough will help bring balance and perspective and will keep you rejuvenated and replenished for all the "er-ing".


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