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Empathy Role Playing (Ages K-2, 3-5)


Subject: Kids Games

We can help our children develop empathy and emotional awareness through role-playing games.

Just grab a stack of note cards and write a brief description of a situation on each card. Then have each child take a turn selecting a card and acting out the situation. For situations that have more than one character, have two kids act them out.

Encourage the children to use their body, facial expressions, and voice tone to show how the child in the scenario might feel. Try to make it fun by encouraging them and doing the role plays with them!

Remember, there is no right or wrong way to act out these situations. The goal is simply to help your children think about and express emotions

Below are some scenarios you can use — make more of your own!

  • Sue opens up a birthday present from her grandparent and it's something that she didn't want.
  • Mike says good-bye to his father who is leaving on a business trip for a week.
  • Tony gets a letter in the mail from his favorite cousin.
  • Jody finishes a drawing that she worked very hard on.
  • Brian sees a friend at the park and when he walks over to him, the friend runs away.
  • Lisa's best friend comes over unexpectedly and shows Lisa a new toy she just got.

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