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Laugh Night


Subject: Kids Games

We can teach our children to value and savor positive emotions by creating a ritual that shines the spotlight on a positive feeling (love, humor, inspiration, interest, gratitude, joy, serenity, hope, pride or awe.) Positive emotions not only feel good, but they fuel creativity, contribute to resilience, and strengthen relationships. Pick one of the positive feelings and, with your family, design an entire night around that emotion. For example, for the positive emotion humor you can create a "Laugh Night." You can watch your favorite funny movies, have a joke telling contest, dress up in crazy outfits and create funny food concoctions. Pick one positive feeling to "feature" each night and invite other families to join in the fun. Below are other ideas to get you started!

  • Inspiration Night: Read inspiring quotes and guess who said them; watch Swiss Family Robinson, Whale Rider or Wild Hearts Can't Be Broken; share who your heroes are and why you admire them; read aloud from an inspiring book like Walk Two Moons; on note cards write something that inspires you about other family members and then read them aloud.
  • Interest Night: Have each family member spend ten minutes sharing something they find fascinating; read aloud from The Way Things Work book, pick a place or person of interest and find ten facts on the internet, go to an art gallery, museum, or park and meander; cook or order in food from a culture that you've never tried before.

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