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Rush Less, Live More


Subject: Kids Games

You can help your family enjoy the benefits of doing less and slowing down by challenging yourself to take a few "long cuts" (the opposite of a short cut) each week.

Here are some "long cut" ideas to get you started:

  • Walk to the post office together instead of leaving your stamped envelopes in your mailbox for the letter carrier to pick up.
  • Walk with your child to a friend's house to see if she can play rather than calling to arrange a play date.
  • Make dough together and bake a pizza at home rather than ordering one for delivery.
  • Set your To-Do list aside for an hour and use that time to read a book with your child, swing at the park, or play "Name That Cloud."

Create a Not-To-Do list and ask family members to name one thing they won't do that day and how they will use that time instead (e.g., I won't sweep the stairs and I'll use that time to tell knock-knock jokes, or I won't make the beds and I'll use that time to have a pillow fight with my kids).

You might find it hard to do less and slow down, but it's a wonderful gift to give your children.


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