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Creating Your Joy List (Ages K-2, 3-5, 6+)


Subject: Kids Games

A simple way to create joy in your family is to ask each person to write down three or four activities or situations that bring them joy. Call it your Joy List and post it on the refrigerator.

For example, here is a Joy List from one family of six:

Mom: Sharing funny stories, having close friends and family over for dinner, taking family walks to the bookstore, being with my sister's family, baking brownies for the kids

Dad: Cooking a big meal while listening to good music, working in the garden with my son, playing guitar & drums with the kids

Child #1: Making people laugh, going skating, making a meal all by myself

Child #2: Doing a big family project, building a fire and playing cards with Dad and friends, playing tag on bikes

Child #3: Dancing to hip hop, watching funny videos on YouTube, reading in bed with Mom or Dad

Child #4: Having ice cream that's really good but doesn't make you cold, singing Jonas Brothers and Miley Cyrus songs, wrestling with brothers, playing spy games, making new friends

Pay attention to how often you engage in these activities. It's important to try spending time doing the things that bring each of you the most happiness. Then see if you can create more time for joy. You can start by taking turns picking one or more of the activities to do as a family during down times. If you don't feel like you have any downtime, then choose one thing not to do (like dusting, cleaning bedrooms, or mowing the lawn) and devote that time to joy instead. Remember, the only goal is to make experiencing joy a family priority!


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