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End of Year Reflections

Subject: Reflection

The end of the year is the perfect time to reflect on how your family has grown. Here's something you can do that will help your kids build upon Fishful Thinking skills. It may even become a new family tradition.

Grab a stack of index cards and ask everyone in your family to create a six-word story for each of the topics below. You'll have to help younger kids write their stories.

  • A six-word story that describes a goal that you met last year.

o   Ex. Drummed a lot. Made jazz band.

  • A six-word story that describes something that made you happy last year.

o   Ex. Played basketball. Won the championship. Happy.

  • A six-word story that describes a challenge you overcame last year.

o   Ex. Rode bike without training wheels. Yeah!

  • A six-word story that describes how you used a strength.

o   Ex. Did extra. Not asked. Was kind.

  • A six-word story that describes a time you were optimistic.

o   Ex. Submitted ten grants though funding low.

  • A six-word story for the year:

o   Ex. Worked hard. Laughed hard. Learned much.



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