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Create a Family Ritual

Subject: Discovery

Here are some ideas for creating family rituals and traditions. Include your children in developing the rituals to ensure that everyone enjoys them!

Create a ritual around food. It can range from "Pizza Night Tuesday" to Rennid night once a month — Rennid is dinner spelled backwards so you eat dinner backwards that night; first the dessert, then the meal!

Create a ritual around a family value. Make a list of what your family most values and then create a ritual or tradition around some of those values. For example, if you value fitness, you can have a family Saturday morning walk or hike.

Create an age appropriate bedtime ritual. Younger children might enjoy singing or reading together before lights out. Older children might prefer spending fifteen minutes listening to music, talking about the day, or doing a crossword puzzle or Sudoku.

Create a family photo tradition. Pick a spot where you will take a family photo at the same time each year. It could be on your front porch or by a specific tree. Over time, you’ll get to watch as your family grows...and laugh at some of the haircuts and fashion trends!

Create a Character Strength ritual. Design a monthly ritual that highlights a character strength that you want to enhance in your family. For example, one month you can highlight the strength of optimism and hope by keeping a list on your refrigerator of things that you hope for (your favorite football team wins, you get a letter from your pen pal, your Aunt feels better soon, etc.). The next month you could highlight the character strength of playfulness by having a joke night. And the next month you could highlight the strength of gratitude by writing a family letter to someone who has positively influenced your family.



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