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Love List

Subject: Reflection

The ways we show love are limited only by our imagination and creativity. Make a "Love List" with your kids and describe all the different ways you express your love for each other. Below are some ideas that my daughter Shayna and I put on our Love List. Take a look, and then make one of your own. Decorate it with words, drawings, and photos that represent the love between you and your child. Be creative and make it fun!


Example: Shayna and Mom's Love List

Mommy and Me Time: Let your child pick an activity that she’d like to do with you. Then turn off your cell phone to give your full attention. Shayna and I spent twenty minutes last night drawing together — with the door closed and a sign on the door that read — "Just Mommy and Me Time!" When we were done, Shayna said "I love when you are just mine". That’s not always possible, but 20 minutes every few days is doable and gives her my love in just the way she likes it.

Laughing Fits: Uncontrolled laughter is a sure-fire way for Shayna and I to feel close! These aren’t easy to plan, but Shayna loves when we dissolve into "can’t catch our breath" laughter. Planning helps me make sure I relax and enjoy these spontaneous moments and know that they are not only about humor but also intimacy. Click here to see the "Laugh Night" activity.

Good Stuff: I make time to keep a list of Good Stuff that happened each day and talk for a few minutes about how she felt when she noticed the good thing.

Praise: Shayna feels my love when I praise her. As much as possible, I try to use "process praise," where I name specifically how she brought about a positive outcome. Process praise shows her that I was watching and noticed not just what she said or did, but how she said or did it. Click here to read more about How Not To Talk to Your Kids and Praise with Purpose.

Symbols: rocks are a symbol my family uses to show love for each other. Valentine’s Day is a fun time to choose a new family symbol of love. We also give each other fuzz balls or beads — small things that can tuck into a pocket when a little dose of love is needed.



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