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Got Grit


Subject: Discovery


A simple way to help your children practice grit is to encourage them to set a goal that relates to something they are passionate about.


You can use the Got Grit? Chart attached to identify a passion, set a goal, and write Grit Growers: positive statements that help your child stay focused on the goal, even when things get hard. Encourage your children to record the number of hours they devote to the goal each week.


Have them post the Got Grit? Chart somewhere they will see it often. Leave space to record new “Grit Growers” that help them stay motivated as they work toward the goal. Remember to praise their efforts to help reinforce grit!






Grit Growers

Hours Devoted to Goal this week

Playing the guitar and singing

Play during an “open mic” night on stage by my sixteenth birthday.

“It feels great to master a new song.”

“Making mistakes is just part of learning something new.”

“Nothing ventured, nothing gained.”

“Singing in front of an audience will be amazing!”

“I don't quit!”

“The more time I put in, the better I'll be!”

“I've gotten as good as I am because I've put in the time. More time means I'll be even better.”

“Making music rocks!”

11/01/10 = 6

11/08/10 = 8

11/15/10 = 8

11/22/10 = 9


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