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Good News Stories


Subject: Kids Games

It is way too easy to get caught up in all the bad news stories we hear: stories of danger, ugliness, fear, and pain. Flip on the television news or pick up a paper and you’ll find lots of them. For children, these stories can be overwhelming and can create anxiety and a sense of pessimism. As parents, we can help our children develop an optimistic attitude by making sure that, as a family, we pay as much attention to the good news—maybe even more so than the bad news.

Create a “Good News” shoe box and every time you read a story about something positive that happened in your neighborhood, a story that makes you feel proud to be part of the human race, inspires you, or just makes you laugh, clip it out of the paper or jot a description of it on a note card and drop it in the shoe box. Then, once or twice a week during dinner read a few of the stories aloud. Spend a few minutes discussing the story and sharing other stories you’ve heard that remind you of the good things that happen every day. If you like YouTube, instead of reading stories, you can gather the family around the computer and watch good news youtube clips together. My kids know that when I shout “you’ve got to see this video” that I’ll be showing them something that is sure to make them laugh and smile—and me to cry (I’m a sucker for positive stories!). My personal favorite “Good News” videos currently on YouTube are “Wedding Dance” and “Team Hoyt.” Search them and share with your kids!


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