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I Spy Spring


Subject: Kids Games

You and your children can savor spring—and relish in the positive emotions savoring brings—by playing the “I Spy Spring” game. Make a list with your child of all the signs (sights, scents, experiences) of spring. Shoot for at least 25. Devote a few minutes a day to actively working to spot the things on your list. When you spot one, take a few moments to really appreciate it. Try to discover something new about what you spied, like how the birds keep their V shape as they fly overhead. Before you say good night to your children, ask them to remember as many details as they can of the signs of spring they spotted that day. This will help them drift off to sleep with a positive image in mind.

Here are some examples to get your “I Spy Spring” list started:

  • Crocuses in bloom
  • Robins checking for worms in the yard
  • Birds arrayed in a V migrating north
  • Leaves budding on the trees
  • More people taking walks through the neighborhood
  • More fruits available at the market
  • The scent of rain in the air
  • Rainstorms
  • More kids in the park
  • Daffodils starting to bloom
  • The days last longer
  • Baseball season starts
  • More squirrels in the yard
  • Tulips starting to bloom
  • Bluebirds building nests
  • House Windows are open
  • Birds chirping early in the morning
  • Having a picnic

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