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101 Things to Do Before the End of Summer


We tend to have a lot of free time in the summer, and it can be all too easy to let the summer drift away without using the time wisely. So this summer, try something new by creating a list of 101 Things to Do Before the End of Summer.

This should be a list of goals that your family wants to do, as opposed to things they should do. Think about things your family would like to learn, foods they’d like to eat, games they’d like to play, etc. Make sure everyone in the family contributes. Goals can be for the entire family or for individuals. If you already have travel plans for summer, include places to see, foods to sample, and experiences specific to where you are going.

Here are examples to help get you started:


  • Take a family singing lesson.
  • Write a funny children’s book.
  • Ask each relative to submit a recipe for a family cookbook. Compile and send to each family member as a gift.
  • Write a play and perform it at the next family event.
  • Write a comic book about a favorite adventure.
  • Invite friends over to learn how to salsa dance.
  • Compose a song.
  • Form a band.
  • Host a Karaoke night at your house.
  • Learn how to use a pogo stick.
  • Host a chess tournament.
  • Host a poker night.
  • Take one picture of the family each day of the summer.
  • Have a night picnic.

Print out your own “101 Things to Do Before the End of Summer” list


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