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Staying Happy Indoors With Kids

Being Happy by Meagan Francis

The cold-weather months can be challenging for moms. Whether it’s bitter cold outside or just a slushy mess, the thought of bundling kids into layers for a simple trip to the park or even the car often keeps us indoors, where the kids start bouncing off the walls in need of some energy release!


The positive side is that the winter is also a perfect opportunity for some indoor family fun. Here are some ways I keep my kids – and myself! – happy during the winter months:


1. Dance Party: I keep “The Nutcracker” on our old record player pretty much all winter long. The music is soothing to Mom’s ears, but toss a tutu on my little girl and it’s an invitation to spin, plié, and leap off energy. My job is simple: watch and clap!


2. Baked Goods: What could make kids happier than helping out in the kitchen? Whether it’s helping to mix up brownies or spreading frosting on sugar cookies, baking is a great way to spend an afternoon together.


3. Board Games: I love board games, but the preschool games can get a little monotonous after a while. Almost any game can be modified so a little kid can grasp it, and often my three-year-old daughter Clara plays on my “team”. And I firmly believe it’s okay to let children win every now and then… just not every time!


What are your favorite indoor activities during the cold-weather months?


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